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Co-Ed Ground Rules and Guidelines

Kuwait Adult Softball League
Co-Ed Ground Rules and Guidelines

The following are certain local rules and guidelines that we wish to point out for clarification and special attention. Beyond the below, the ground rules for the K.A.S.L. 2016-17 will be as per 2016 A.S.A Official Softball Rules.

Division, Format & Rosters: There will be three divisions

(a) Advanced – very competitive play, experienced players, compete on full size field

(b) Intermediate reasonable experience/skill level, can throw, catch, and hit adequately

(c) Beginner very basic skill level, cannot hit ball more than 120 ft. (40m)

All teams will be mixed gender, with a minimum number of three female players required to play at all times. Each team must have a roster of 12 (minimum) to 16 players is recommended. Each division will be limited to a minimum or maximum number of registered teams to facilitate scheduling needs for all divisions. If a division does not have enough teams, or if a team’s skill level is not aligned with the appropriate division, teams may be required to change divisions.

Minimum Age: The minimum age for all players is 17 years of age or older to participate, with parental written permission if a registered KBSC player. Non-KBSC players 17 years old may play with parental permission and when playing on the same team as the parent. Under 18 cannot pitch.

Game Timing: Game timings will be 50 minutes of play (hard time) or 6 innings long, whichever comes first. If a game is finished because of the 50 minute time limit and the current inning is not complete the score will revert back to the previous full completed inning (both visitors & home team batted). Additionally any delays for injuries or other acceptable time delays, at the home plate umpires discretion, time will be stopped or added to ensure 50 minutes of game time. The umpires are responsible to maintain a fair pace of the game as to not create an unfair advantage for either team.

All games will start on time, the 50 minute play period begins at game time (on the hour) once the home plate umpire is ready. If both teams are ready and willing to start play ahead of the published time, the field is ready for play and the umpires are ready to begin the game, then the game may be started prior to the scheduled start time. Teams will not be forced to start ahead of scheduled playing time. There will be a 5 minute grace period Updated .

for teams who have to wait for players to arrive in order not to forfeit, but this will be included in the 50 minute period of play.

Game Balls: Game balls are balls only authorized by the K.A.S.L. Committee only. Men will swing at the 12” Balls and women will swing at the 11” balls (as available); if 11” balls are not available all players will swing at 12” balls Umpires will insure the switching between balls for men and women batters. Coaches are to pay attention to the ball usage also. If the wrong ball is noticed at any time of any at bat, the proper ball shall be switched in with the count remaining as it stands. If any gender hits the wrong ball in fair play then the ball is LIVE!!!! Only the Umpires can call time at any time to insure the proper ball is in play.

Rosters: Final roster changes must be submitted in writing to the K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee. Changes to rosters or individuals changing teams without the approval of the K.A.S.L. are subject to removal from the league without refund. All players must sign the participation waiver and code of conduct form before the player participates in any game for reasons of liability. Players not listed as a registered player through the K.A.S.L. cannot play, and teams utilizing non-registered players will automatically forfeit games in which the non-registered player played.

A Team must have at least 7 players from their team roster participating in every game to avoid forfeit. If teams are shorthanded (less than 10 players), they may use in a limited capacity “Loaner Players” who are other registered players ONLY!!! Late players may be on the lineup card as substitutes and may be entered into the game at any time with the substitution rule in effect. BUT, as soon as the team’s late players arrive and 10 are present, the loaner player will no longer be allowed to continue playing. Teams may have up to 2 loaner players with a 9 person line-up and 3 loaner players with a 10 person lineup. All loaner players must hit at bottom of order (by gender sequence).

Batting Line-up: The normal line up will be ALL players present at the game with the lineup (from the top of the order) interchanging Man-Woman-Man, or Vise-Versa, with a minimum of 3 Women on the field and in the lineup at all times. The maximum number of hitters on a team’s batting line-up at one time is 14 players. The line-up card should include all players on the roster for that game.

A minimum of 9 players are required to start the game with no penalty assessed for being shorthanded if the game is played with only 9 players. Teams must have 8 players to continue a game, with less than 8 players a team must forfeit.

Each team line-up card must be ready for submission to the official scorekeeper 5 minutes prior to scheduled game time. All line-up submissions must include a valid photo ID card (i.e. civil ID or similar) to verify players eligibility and check-in prior to participation. The line-up card must include names and should include uniform numbers. No changes can be made to the starting line-up after the start of the game, except by substitution or addition of roster players to the bottom of the line-up. Start of the game is defined as once the umpire has declared “play ball.”

Substitutions: A substitute shall be defined as any member of a team’s roster who is not listed as a starting player in the batting line-up, or starting player who re-enters the game. Defensive substitutions can happen at any time by any player on the roster and in the active batting line-up.

Short-handed Rule: A team may continue the game with one fewer player than it started with, if it started with 10. Whenever a player leaves the game for reasons other than ejection or serious injury, the player will be called out each time his/her turn comes to bat. The player may not return to the game unless he/she left the game by injury or under the “blood rule”. A game cannot continue if fewer than 8 players are on the field and will be considered a forfeit after the 3rd Inning.

Warm up Pitches: Five (5) warm-up pitches before the start of the first inning only. Thereafter, there are two warm-up pitches and no throwing balls between innings. Likewise, warm-ups in the field will only be permitted in the first inning. Teams will run on and off the field in order to save time.

Mercy Rule: There will be NO mercy rule in effect, BUT the 5 run rule per inning will be in effect!!! After a team scores 5 runs with or without any outs, teams will switch places and the other team will be up at bat. This is to keep the game fun, clean, time moving and competitive!!!!

Tie-Breaker Rule: If the game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time or after 6 innings then the game will be declared a tie. The overall record of each team for the regular season will be used for seeding purposes for a single elimination playoff at the end of the season. Only during the playoff will the ASA tie-breaker rule will be in effect at the completion of the 5th inning of all playoff games. The Championship playoff games will be 6 innings, and not utilize the time limit.

Season & Tournament Rankings: Teams will be ranked during the regular season based on their overall win/loss/tie record, and the total runs allowed by each team. Following the end of the season, a playoff tournament will be played, ranking teams per their overall record. In case team’s records are tied, the tiebreaker will be in order of (a) winner of head to head match(es), then, (b) lowest runs allowed per games played.

Uniforms: Teams must wear like uniform shirts with identifiable numbers on the back for each player. It is suggested that the shirts provided for each team by the league be worn (Spring Season only), but others can be used as long as the color/design does not conflict with another team in the division and complies with the above. No metal spikes of any kind are allowed on the player’s shoe. Ball caps are optional to players.

Jewelry: Players are asked not to wear any jewelry for safety purposes during play. The home plate umpire will use their discretion to maintain a safe field environment. If they say to remove it, then it must come off or be taped over as approved.

Balls, Strikes, & Walks: Each batter goes to bat with 1 ball and 1 strike (1 and 1 Count). The umpire’s counter and the scoreboard will start with one ball and one strike. With two strikes against the batter, the batter is allowed one free foul ball without penalty. The next foul ball will be an out (strike three). Exceptions: For any legally caught foul ball or foul tip, the batter will be out.

When a male batter is walked (intentionally or not) immediately preceding a female batter, he is awarded two bases based on the following conditions:

○ If there are less than two outs at the time, the female batter must bat.

○ If there are two outs, the female batter can either choose to take a walk or bat.

○ Existing base runners will only advance when forced.

Strike Zone: A strike will be called for each legally pitched ball (maximum 12 feet, minimum height of 6 feet) that strikes the white portion of the plate, the rear mat or the black rim of the plate, and at which the batter does not swing.

Additional Playing Time: Additional time may be added to a game if, in the plate umpires opinion, an unusual amount of time is lost due to injury or other uncontrollable circumstances. The umpire can stop the official stop watch at any time if a delay of game occurs. Delaying tactics will be judged and handled by the Home Plate Umpire and to his/ hers judgment may result in a forfeit and not by adjusting the playing time.

Protests: All protests will be decided by the K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee. As a reminder, only interpretation of the rules can lead to a protest. Judgment calls cannot be protested. Updated – November 28, 2016 4 | P a g e

No Collision Rule: The ASA rules governing the no collision rule will be strictly enforced. Any runner who is involved in a collision will be ruled out if, in the judgment of the umpire, no attempt was made to avoid the collision. Equally, batter/runners must not interfere with the defensive player attempting to make a play, especially on plays at second base; the batter/runner is entitled only to run/slide to the base.

Courtesy Runner Rule: A courtesy runner shall be allowed once per inning for any reason. The courtesy runner must match the gender of the runner replaced and can be anyone currently in the batting lineup.. He/she must enter prior to the first pitch to the next batter. The courtesy runner may only run for the batter runner that has just completed his/her turn at bat, not previous runners already on base.

Double First Base: The batter/runner, during the run from home place to first base, must touch the outside bag. If there is no play to first base, the runner may use the inside bag. The call will be subject to appeal by the defensive team to the umpire. It will be the umpire’s judgment as to how close the play must be in order to invoke the rule. The rule is one of safety, not meant to catch the runner. After passing 1st base, the runner is entitled to use both bags since they become one bag (rule change 2006).

Home Plate: The batter/runner, during the run to home plate, may touch either the mat or the white plate. The defensive team must use only the white plate. This is to avoid unnecessary collisions. If there is confrontation at home plate then the runner must use the mat or home plate to avoid unnecessary collisions. The Home Plate Umpire makes all final rulings of unnecessary collisions in which, if the runner does not slide to avoid a collision may inflict in the runner being ejected from the game and in some instances from the league with no refund!!! Banning of a player from league play will be decided by K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee ONLY!!!!

Home Run Rules: ALL Home Runs hit must be retrieved by the batter or members of the batter’s team. For all fair batted ball hit over the fence for a home run, or a four base award, the batter and all runners are credited with a score. The batter and any runners on base do not need to run the bases. Note: This would eliminate any runner appeal play. Therefore, for all games, on field celebrations of players after any home run or four base award is prohibited.

Seniors’s Field Only: Four home runs per game per team. All balls hit over the fence by a team in excess of the above limitation will be ruled as an out; however, the batter shall not be ejected.

Major’s Field Only: Only women can hit home runs with three home runs allowed per team. Any women hitting home runs, after the three permitted limit has been reached, are to be considered an out (No Exceptions). ALSO…..for men on this field ONLY…if a home run is hit over the fence and the umpire deems it to be intentional, the batter will be ejected from the game. For multiple offenses by a player the K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee may ban the player from the remaining of the season with no refund!

Outfield Restraining Line: To prevent outfielders from playing too close on female hitters there will be a restraining line approximately 120 ft. from Home Plate (on the Seniors field the infield grass/dirt line). Outfielders may not step inside this line until the batter makes contact with the ball. Violations of the rule will result in the umpire declaring the ball dead and the batter will be awarded first base. Base runners will advance if forced by the other runners. The rule is designed to open up the offense for the female batters.

Batter’s Box: The batter may not step out of the batter’s box once the pitcher has started his/her wind up, and then step back into the box to hit the ball. If he/ she hits the ball under the above circumstances, the batter will be called out. If the batter does not hit the ball it will be called either a ball or strike. Due to the time limit on games a batter may not step out of the box once he goes in without requesting time by the plate umpire.

Bat Rules: No bats listed as illegal by ASA can be used at any time during play. All bats should have the seal of approval of ASA. Coaches will display all bats outside the dugouts for inspection by umpires prior to EACH game. Older bats without seals must be approved by the home plate umpire prior to EACH game. In line with ASA Rules, any player steps into the batter’s box with an illegal bat, he will be ruled out and will be ejected from the game and the remainder of the season. There are no exceptions to this rule!

Forfeits/Game Cancellation: All games scheduled will be played, however if a team does not show with enough players, that team will forfeit (and be assigned 7 runs allowed, winning team 0 runs allowed). For forfeits occurring in a game beyond the third inning the actual runs scored will be counted for both teams. Only the K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee can declare a forfeit prior to game time or make any schedule modifications.

Judgment Calls: A player or coach cannot argue judgment calls and they cannot be appealed to the other umpire or league officials. Any player arguing a judgment call after the team has been given a warning will be ejected from the game. An umpire is not required to give warnings before ejecting a player.

Coach/Player Conduct and Understanding: All coaches and players must abide by the guidelines for participation set forth in the participation waiver and code of conduct signed by each participant both on and off the field. If in the judgment of an umpire or league official inappropriate conduct is being exhibited that violates K.A.S.L. guidelines that individual is subject to immediate ejection from a game and possible removal from the league. For minor offenses Umpires or league official may issue warnings, but for serious offenses immediate ejection from a game and possible removal from the league may result (only the K.A.S.L. Oversight Committee can remove a player from the league).

By playing in the season individuals agree to the below rules and regulations.

  • Aggressive behavior (physical/verbal), which includes offensive language, can result in suspension ranging from one game to the end of the season.
    o All disciplinary actions will be decided and administered at the league’s discretion by the K.A.S.L.
    Oversight Committee.
  • Fake tags are not allowed and dangerous. Fake tags, as ruled by the umpire, will result in all runners being awarded one base.
  • Every person that decides to play in the season is, by default, deciding to take responsibility for their own personal safety, agreeing to not hold the organizers accountable for any theft of personal belongings or injuries sustained during the tournament. In addition, all players agree that the league/tournament organizers are not responsible for any injuries caused by any participants to other persons (playing in the season or externally) or any damage caused to external property (i.e. cars) and, in addition, accept all rules described in this document.