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Minors Rules

2015 Official Little League Regulation and Playing Rules will apply with the following adaptations:

  1. The team on defense consists of nine (9) players. A tenth (10) player is optional and
  2. The extra position, referred to as the Rover will play in an outfield position.
  3. A team with less than eight (8) players after ten (10) minutes from the scheduled start-time will forfeit the game. If a team is playing with eight (8) players, the 9th position in the batting line-up will be considered out. If a team is playing with nine (9) players, the 10th position in the batting line-up will not be considered out.
  4. Every player must play two (2) defensive innings (six (6) consecutive outs) and be part of the batting line-up (continuous batting order).
  5. Games will be machine pitched operated by a coach of the team on offense (at-bat). Players get five (5) pitched balls. If a batter fouls the fifth pitch, the batter will continue to hit until he/she either puts the ball in-play or strikes out or takes the pitch without swinging. There are no walks.
  6. Games are six (6) innings. For the first three (3) innings, each half inning will stop if there are three (3) outs or five (5) runs have scored (five (5) run mercy rule per inning).
  7. No new inning will start after one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes.
  8. Three (3) innings must be played for the game to be official.
  9. In case of a tie ball-game, one (1) extra inning will be played. If the game is still tied at the conclusion of the extra inning, the game will be declared a tie.
  10. No pinch runners except in the case of an injury. In that case, the player that made the last out on the bench must be the pinch runner.
  11. Stealing is not allowed.
  12. Leading off is not allowed.
  13. Bunting is not allowed.
  14. The runner will advance only one base on an overthrown ball that is out of play.
  15. If a hit ball that is put in-play strikes the pitching machine (including legs) or travels through the tripod legs, the ball will be considered dead. Runners will return to their base(s) prior to the hit. The hit/pitch will not be counted against the batter’s five (5) allowed pitches.
  16. Game-like atmosphere- concluding a play: Hash-lines will be present halfway along three
    (3) of the base paths, 1st to rd, 2″d to 3rd and 3rd to home plate. During the course of a
    play when there is not a force out at 2nd base or 2nd and 3rd base if a defensive player
    has positive control of the ball and he/she is in contact with any of the four (4) bases or
    the pitcher has control of the baseball on the pitching mound, runners that have not
    advanced beyond this hash-line must return to the previous base occupied and are notĀ eligible to advance to the next base. The batter/runner will always be allowed advancement to 1st base unless he/she is put-out.
  1. For results to be official at the conclusion of each game, both coaches must sign the scorebook to validate the results and innings played.

General Safety Rules apply. Players must wear helmets to bat. Players’ on-deck must be inside the dugout. The player assigned as catcher must wear full catching gear to include throat guard and athletic cup (males). Only three (3) coaches are allowed on the field when the team is on offense; the 1st base coach, the 3td base coach and a coach that runs the pitching machine. When a team is on defense, the coaches must stay inside the dugout.

A Division Champion will be determined by a playoff. Teams will be ranked by their win/loss record of the regular season. At the conclusion of regular season play, the 1st place team will play the 4th place team and the 2nd place team will play the 3. place team. The losing teams of these two (2) games will participate in a Consolation game to determine the final 3td place and 4th place season ranking. The winning teams of these two (2) games will play a

championship game where the Division Champion will be determined. Home Team for all playoff games is determined by the team with the best win/loss record during regular season play.

The following will occur with a three (3) team division: The 2. place team will play the 3td place team. The 1st place team will have a first-round bye. The winning team will play the 1st place team in a championship game where the Division Champion will be determined.

Pitch counts reset at the start of playoffs.